Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Time for reaching out

One of my favorite magazines, "The Week," takes two weeks off this time of year. I'm not sure if there is some significance to the timing or not.

As someone who used to work at trying to sell the federal government, I can testify that this is a dead time of year in that world. Most of the agencies don't have their new budgets so they don't have anything to spend.

Even President Bush is taking his time making an Iraq decision. A lot of folks are also starting in new positions so they are generally listening instead of starting new initiatives.

Traditionally this is something of a slow time of year unless you are in retail. It is a good time to step back and do a few things that might not have gotten done last year.

I hope this hiatus in our busy lives actually gives us time to enjoy what is important in life. In my mind that is our relationships with others. Our time to spend walking this earthis limited so making sure that we keep all of our circles of friendship intact is important.

This is the time of year to reach out to others and hope that they reach back. If need be, now is the time to do that apology that might be owed.

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