Friday, December 15, 2006

Finding their own way

I cannot find where I read it this morning, but there was a reference on rojo to a site where there was discussion on how to cool a can of soda quickly. It seems they came up with putting it in ice with salt and water and turning the can.

While this might seem like a revolution to some, anyone who has turned the crank of a White Mountain Freezer to make some homemade ice cream can tell you how well it works. I figure if you filled the ice cream container with coke instead of ice cream mix, you might make yourself some homemade slushee.

It's funny to watch a new generation "discover" things for the first time. Granted doing homemade ice cream might have been something done only in a few areas in the last few decades, but it should be part of our cultural knowledge. At fifty-seven, I don't feel that ancient, but somehow it seems part of the way we lived is being quickly forgotten.

It takes everyone some maturity before they want to learn from those who learned before them. I can remember being in my mid-twenties and wanting to know how to do some things. I was lucky to have my mom around then and until 2004. She remembered making ice cream with ice they cut from their mill pond and stored in a saw dust filled hole in the ground.

I wish she was still around there was lots that I never learned from her. We did learn how to make her fried chicken. She also schooled us in a number life's lessons. Unfortunately we can never learn all that we need to learn before our elders are gone. Well maybe our blogs will survive for a while. If my kids ever need to know how to grow tomatoes, I have it written down in a post, "The spring tomato ritual."

Who knows the way the weather is going, we might be growing tomatoes a lot earlier.

The reflection of the trees picture was taken behind our house in Bluewater Cove on NC's Crystal Coast. I have a site dedicated to interesting photos and prints that I do.

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