Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Seeing beyond the shiny image

I continue to be amazed by how few people see beyond Apple's great products. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, I rarely try to figure out whether a company is a good company or not before I buy their products. So I'm no different than any of the Mac guys who will continue to use Apple products even as Steve Jobs threatens to take a Harvard student to the the Supreme Court to protect his so-called trade secrets. It is hard to believe there is such little outrage. "Standing alone against Apple" Steve is the boy tyrant whose indiscretions are ignored. I'm actually beginning to like Bill Gates, at least he seems human.

My guess is in the next two to three years, we'll get to see the real Apple which isn't nearly as shiny as the image Steve works so hard to perfect. Once you get inside the walls at One Infinite Loop there's a lot to dislike, that is of course unless you are one of the fortunate few.