Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tempest in a Teapot

If nothing else the Apple-Intel switch has got lots of folks talking. I've lived in the PowerPC world so long and heard so many Apple SEs fervently pitch the G5 and ancestors' superiority that I think this is really pretty funny. I have had a Dell with an Intel processor since last fall. All my Macs haven't thrown it out of my home office yet.

The reality is that most computers are just computers. Blindly faithful Mac computer users aren't like the rest of the world. Some seemingly would jump off a building if Steve told them to do. Some can believe no evil of Steve. Those are the extremists and a small but vocal minority. I suppose there are likely still some folks who either believe Bill Gates can do no wrong or no right. I wonder if there are Windows users as blindly faithful as the Mac extremists?

Bill is becoming much more human to me, Steve is becoming much more of a control freak. I have done lots of speculating about this latest move, but somehow there must be some way to exercise more control over the faithful at the end of the tunnel. I have enjoyed these recent posts from the "Devil's Advocate." The first one was "Steve meets Osborne, Again!" and the follow-up is "Mac Punditry: Deranged and Dumb on any Processor." I would be really curious to hear from some of the folks who pegged this migration as impossible in their coments on my ApplePeels blog when I first commented May 24 in the post "The Apple-Intel Rumor."