Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peace in the pictures

When you are working as hard as you can to build a business using online marketing techniques, you often feel like you are on an endless treadmill that keeps speeding up.

The challenges are immense in my world of real estate.

You have to work your job, but you also must provide exceptional content to attract new clients. In my case content ends up being articles and photos about the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Of course they are posted all over the web from my own sites to Twitter and any place that I can find an audience.

The one good thing about providing good content is that you have to live the life you are describing or you have no chance of being authentic.

So if I am talking about surf fishing, I have just come from surf fishing. If I write about being the last person to close down the beach, there should be no doubt that I closed down the beach. With that in mind, I really enjoy it when I write about kayaking or fishing from our skiff.

Right now "living the life" is one of the few benefits of the job. I describe what I experience to the fullest. That works well except for the fact that instead of relaxing with a book or watching some TV evening, I am always up in my office writing. Sometimes I end up with keyboard prints on my face.

With a lifestyle that is buring the candle at both ends, I have to find peace and relaxation wherever I can find it. Often I find it in the viewfinder of my favorite camera which right now is a Panasonic ZS-1.

In a certain sense I live through the lens of my cameras. Composing a relaxing scene like the Atlantic Beach one in this post relaxes me.

Even when I see the picture downloaded onto to my computer, I find a certain sense of peace.

In a world of digital deadlines and increasing demands, I will take my peace wherever I can find it.