Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Pleasures on the Carolina Coast

Living on the coast is a wonderful experience.

That is especially true in the fall of the year.

Fall, which hardly seemed to be on the horizon ten days ago is treating us well.

I love fall and will readily admit that Fall is great season almost anywhere.

The Roanoke Valley where we lived for years can be especially beautiful.   However, there is nothing like the wonderful warm days and cool nights that you find on the North Carolina Coast in October.

Like other places, the weather can be variable, but we have just finished a near perfect first week of October, and from the forecast, it looks like we have another two great weeks in store.  Beyond two weeks, it is anyone's guess.

Living along the coast has some challenges,  but there is no other place that I would rather be. With water right at my back door, fall is the best time of year to enjoy it.  We are passed the heat and humidity of summer, and we usually do not have the winds of spring.  It is just a great time to be outside and enjoy the beach and area waters.

Even the fall chores like getting my yard ready for winter are a pleasure in the fall.  I enjoy working in the yard with a light breeze and a warm sun on my back.  Our centipede yards stop growing early so usually that works out to give us some extra time for fall fishing.

Of course the beaches are less crowded, and during the week the waterways are almost empty except when the spots are running.  A boat ride we took one evening this week reinforced my belief that is a truly beautiful area.  The clear skies of fall provide us with some wonderful sunsets.

Just to add a little excitement we have our fall festivals.  This weekend is the 56th Annual Swansboro Mullet  Festival, and we are headed off to eat some Episcopalian Lobsters for lunch.

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