Sunday, March 26, 2006

Working the weekend shift

After over twenty years in the world of high tech, I'm pretty used to some weekend work. I joined a new company in January, Since we're a fairly new company that is growing rapidly, there is no shortage of work. Trying to hire the right people, providing them with the right training, and making certain that customers receive quick responses keeps all of very busy.

In talking to potential customers, you get to hear all the challenges that bring them to us. Mostly people want email that they can count on to be there every day, all the time. Then they want someone live who can answer questions when there are problems. They would also like to talk to a human being before they make their decision of where to host their email.

I think we do a really good job of taking care of our customers which means we end up with lot of referrals. This makes for a very busy time, but it is really is nice to know that American ingenuity can still create a very competitive business that has gathered over 17,000 customers over the few years.

With hard working engineers, a foundation of good Open Source software, we've been able to create a very scalable system that has the kind of redundancy that one would expect in a top quality email system. With our servers residing in one of the country's best managed hosting facilities, we have a very compelling proposition for anyone who is looking for business class email at very reasonable prices. Being a second generation Internet company, we offer a thirty days free trial just so people can see how good email can be.

I guess all that is worth a few weekends of work.