Friday, March 11, 2005

Apple Loses in Winning

Many of you have read that Apple has won its suit against the three websites. Apple has made a big mistake in pushing this issue in this manner. Many of us ex-Apple employees have known for years that the world inside Apple doesn't live up to the shinning external image, but this could unfortunately be the issue that lets the rest of the world in on the secret. I tend to agree with Charles Cooper over at CNET in his "Apple lawsuit: Thinking different?" article.
"But now you have to ask whether paranoia has trumped good judgment. With today's ruling, Jobs is in danger of leaving a big black blot on an otherwise remarkable legacy."
I am glad to see the the open letter to Steve Jobs by Mike Langberg of the Mercury News. As a stockholder, I certainly agree with his last statement.
"So it's not too late for you to back down, before the wider world of Apple customers and potential customers begins to see your company as arrogant and overbearing. I recommend you quietly drop the litigation, tighten your internal security to prevent future leaks and move on."
I suspect others such as Dan Gillmor will weigh in on the issue. According to Dan's blog, Grassroots Journalism, he is on the road for the next twenty-four hours. He has already expressed concern in his post, "The Gathering Storm Over Speech."

Perhaps Apple would have better luck keeping secrets if they created an environment like the famous Fishmongers of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Maybe before Steve goes forward with subpoenas, he should read this article, "Learn from the Fishmonger." He might just learn how to have loyal dedicated employees without a rule of fear. Of course learning from others isn't exactly an Apple strength.

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