Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thoughts of LL Bean

This morning the temperature was 24 degrees here on the western side of Carteret County, NC. We are less than five miles from the beach so when it gets that cold this close to the Atlantic, it classifies as cold weather.

The scene to the left and the LL Bean sweatshirt that I put on this morning brought back memories of trips to Maine my freshman year in college.

That would have been 1967. We were in school in Cambridge and Freeport, Maine was only a couple of hours drive. I can still remember leaving the dorm around ten pm and getting to Bean's at just after midnight. There were bunch of true natives around the wood stove in Beans. The store was a far cry from the giant modern store that anchors Freeport these days.

It was a great introduction to Maine. I am sorry it has changed so much.


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