Friday, December 08, 2006

Living in Carteret County Coastal Website up and running

Back in August when I last did an entry, I was working hard to get my new website going.

I have worked hard to get a site built with content that readers might find useful. targets people who are interesting in living on the North Carolina coast or newcomers who are looking for more information about the area.

I am an avid photographer so there will be plenty of photography on the site with links to much more.

When you move to a new area, there are always many questions about services and products available. I hope to provide a personal perspective on those. Being someone who born in North Carolina but who has lived in Canada, Boston, Maryland, Mount Airy (NC's inspiration for Mayberry), Northern Virginia, and Southwest Virginia, I can relate to most people's situation.

Being an ex-cattle breeder who spent eleven years working outside, I am always interested in the weather so I have started a weblog on my daily observations of the weather with pictures to highlight the conditions.

As new residents to an area that we have long loved, I am looking forward to providing my perspective on the area.

Carteret County is not one of those places where I hope that we are the last people into paradise. It is very obvious that this area continues to grow.

As someone once told me the Crystal Coast is becoming one of the favorite retirement homes for "OPALS."

OPALS are "older people with active life styles."

This a great area to be active. The weather stays warm for much of the year. The roads and streets are uncrowded most of the time except a few weeks in July and August when it is too hot anyway. I have really enjoying biking now that I do not have to load my bike on the back car.

Then there is the water for kayaking and boating of whatever type you can dream. I hope that a can be a friendly resource for people looking to move to Carteret County. In many respects it is a dream place to live especially in years when the hurricanes ignore us.

Being from the Southeast, I have some memories of childhood and more recent hurricanes. One of my deepest memories is evacuating from the Outer Banks one summer and seeing our car drive through axle deep water. More recently I have had trees fall on our house in Roanoke , Virginia from hurricanes that have moved inland.

We live on the water, not on the beach. Hopefully our carefully selected housesite will provide some protection for us. If not, we'll head for the mountains which aren't that far away.


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